The area around Peoples Park represents a highly visible cross-section of business, local government, and social services. Due to the park's location, unusual and inappropriate activities are more visible to the general public.

Downtown Calls For Service (2015-2017)


During the summer of 2017, the combined efforts of the Bloomington Police Department (BPD), the Bloomington Fire Department (BFD), and the Parks and Recreation Department decreased the amount of disruptive activity on Kirkwood Avenue. However, the additional foot patrols and programming effectively caused the disruptive activity to relocate from Peoples Park to Seminary Square Park. Following BPD’s arrest of a heroin dealer on Kirkwood Avenue and the subsequent displacement of an encampment of individuals experiencing homelessness, safety, civility and justice (SCJ) issues increased near the intersection of Walnut and Wylie Streets. These streets are directly adjacent to the Shalom Community Center and are near Seminary Square Park.

Since the City's actions in the summer of 2017, Kirkwood Avenue has experienced a decrease in calls for service. 

Map of Downtown Calls for Service (2015-2017)

The data in these visualizations is generated by the City of Bloomington's Dispatch Center.